"Just your friendly neighborhood goofball Super Villain."

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“Kelly Lee Dekay is a self made super villain who in the course of the past 6 years has tight laced her way into the heart of NYC nightlife as a downtown diva, international fetish model and designer of custom couture for those who also aspire to go from demure to diva in the caress of leather and latex. A lifestyle latex fetishist and demanding dominant taskmaster, she has her personal slaves trained to do whatever she might require, be it pick up her latest custom costumes for international fetish events, shine her collection of 8” heels, or put just the right amount of milk in her morning coffee.

A living embodiment of both a John Willie illustration and Jessica Rabbit, with all of the style, sass, and the tiny tight laced 16” waist such a comparison would imply. Both whip toting and whip smart, a bombshell and a brand for a generation raised on graphic novels, Kelly Lee Dekay is your guide into the decadence and deviance of both nightlife and the deepest reaches of BDSM. While she looks too good to be true, she’s a real peek into a lifestyle most people only get to experience in fantasy.” - Paige